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We're seeking the public's help in caring for influx of cats from hoarder

 July 27, 2010

The BC SPCA's Vancouver Branch is seeking the public's help to care for 23 neglected kittens and cats rescued from an animal hoarder in East Vancouver this past weekend. As a result of an investigation, BC SPCA animal protection officers convinced the owner of the animals to voluntarily surrender six adult cats and 17 kittens into SPCA care on July 23.

"These poor animals were living in terrible, filthy conditions," said Ryan Voutilainen, manager of the Vancouver Branch where the cats are being sheltered. "Anyone who has seen documentaries about animal hoarding on television knows that it is a very sad situation, both for the person who is coping with the illness of hoarding and for the animals who suffer from severe neglect as a result."  He said the home was filled with feces, urine, mould, garbage and other debris.  "The filth and diarrhea was piled high on floors, carpets, walls and other items in the home. Many of the cats are underweight and the only source of water that officers could find was a bucket with a steel wool pad floating in it." He notes that the home was poorly ventilated and SPCA officers had to wear masks to protect themselves from the overwhelming ammonia smells from the build-up of urine.

Voutilainen says the Vancouver Branch would be extremely grateful for any donations to help care for the cats, who require nearly $5,000 in medical treatment for parasites, ear mites, fleas, to test for contagious diseases and to spay and neuter each of them prior to adoption. Voutilainen notes that the influx of cats comes at a time when SPCA shelters across the province are already overwhelmed with cats and kittens.

"These poor animals have had a terrible existence and we would really love to be able to find them wonderful, loving homes as soon as they are well," he said. Please make a donation today to help the Vancouver Branch pay for the costs of helping these innocent animals, or contact the Vancouver SPCA at directly at 1205 East 7th Ave. in Vancouver at 604.879.7721.


July 28. Update: Kittens now available for adoption

Several of the 23 kittens surrendered to the Vancouver SPCA Branch as a result of an animal hoarding case last weekend are now available for adoption.  Anyone interested in adopting is invited to visit our shelter at 1205 East 7th Avenue in Vancouver. At this time of year the BC SPCA is overwhelmed with cats and kittens in all of our shelters. To view animals available for adoption in any of our 37 branches, please visit our adoption page to search online for your new  best friend!


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