Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

"One can measure the greatness and the moral progress of a nation by looking at how it treats its animals."
   - Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi's words remind us of how our own actions determine the kind of society we live in. As you read AnimalSense, the BC SPCA's semi-annual print publication, we hope you see that the SPCA's role is not only to rehome cats and dogs or to investigate animal abuses. At our heart is the goal to create humane, animal-friendly communities. Like you, we recognize that how we treat animals is indeed a measure of our own humanity.

Fall / Winter 2016

On the Cover:  Chloe, rescued from a puppy mill, is thriving in her new forever home.


Spring/Summer 2016

On the Cover:  On the cover: BC SPCA staff member Louise Lathey with one of 66 dogs rescued from a Langley puppy mill.


Fall / Winter 2015

On the Cover:  Mac the therapy dog is a popular pooch in Prince George.


Spring/Summer 2015

On the Cover:  On the cover: Are your feline friends safe, happy and healthy? Here’s how you can make their lives even better.


Fall/Winter 2014

On the Cover:  On the cover: A Cow’s Life The national dairy code should enrich the lives of cows across the province, but is it being properly enforced?


Spring / Summer 2014

On the Cover:  Harley, a former sled dog, is enjoying her retirement with a loving East Vancouver couple.


Fall/Winter 2013

On the Cover:  At home and on the farm, people are taking action to ensure animals enjoy healthier, happier lives.


Spring / Summer 2013

On the Cover:  "For the love of pets" - B.C. personalities celebrate their animal companions


Fall / Winter 2012

On the Cover:  "Humane Labels" Your guide to egg, dairy and meat products that promote animal welfare.


Spring / Summer 2012

On the Cover:  "Young Guardians" - A new generation is empowered to connect and care


Fall / Winter 2011

On the Cover:  "Animal CSI" -The BC SPCA turns to forensics to solve animal cruelty cases.


Spring / Summer 2011

On the Cover:  "Beating the Odds" - Extraordinary people giving special animals a better life.


Fall / Winter 2010

On the Cover:  "Star Power" - Jason Priestly lends his voice to the BC SPCA's mission as its newest spokesperson.


Spring / Summer 2010

On the Cover:  "Cat World" The effects of indoor and outdoor environments on our feline friends.


Fall / Winter 2009

On the Cover:  "Animal Ambassadors" - Youth programs make a difference to kids and animals alike.


Spring / Summer 2009

On the Cover:  "Opt to Adopt" SPCA animals enhance the lives of those who give them a loving home


Fall / Winter 2008

On the Cover:  "Crusading Against Cruelty" - SPCA investigators protect B.C.'s most vulnerable animals


Spring / Summer 2008

On the Cover:  "Safe Haven" - The BC SPCA's wildlife recovery centre rescues animals from the hazards of urban life


Fall / Winter 2007

On the Cover:  "Behind Barn Doors" - A look at how farm animals are treated, from the field -- or cage -- to the shelves of your local supermarket.


Spring / Summer 2007

On the Cover:  "Justice For Animals, Youth Ambassadors" - BC SPCA Kids Club heroes go the extra mile - and one heads straight to the legislature - to protect animals.


Fall / Winter 2006

On the Cover:  "Star Power" - Sarah McLachlan donates time and talent in support of a BC SPCA cause


Spring / Summer 2006

On the Cover:  "Making the Right Match" - An innovative assessment tool, DogSense takes the guesswork out of matching dogs with the right homes


Fall / Winter 2005

On the Cover:  "End Animal Cruelty" - A new BC SPCA advocacy campaign lobbies for increased protection of B.C. animals.


Spring / Summer 2005

On the Cover:  "Pet Overpopulation" - BC SPCA announces new spay/neuter clinic to save thousands of animals in Prince George.


Fall / Winter 2004

On the Cover:  "How Much is That Doggy in the Window?" - If the cost is measured in animal suffering, the price is too high.


Spring / Summer 2004

On the Cover:  "Saving Lives Through Assessment" - Finding the Perfect Match New science makes for lifelong bonds


Fall / Winter 2003

On the Cover:  "Puppy Mill Crackdown - Profiting from Pain" - The SPCA has launched a province-wide campaign to eradicate unscrupulous breeding operations


Spring / Summer 2003

On the Cover:  "Captivated by the Exotic" - What happens when the novelty wears off?


Fall / Winter 2002

On the Cover:  "Creating Humane Communities" - Responding to the Plight of Abandoned Cats.


Spring / Summer 2002

On the Cover:  "Celebrating The Relationship" - How You Can Help Your Dog Lead A Happy Life.




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