Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

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Bark! Magazine | Winter 2017


On the cover

Rodent wheels "wheely" matter!


Bark! Magazine | Fall 2016


On the cover

Five Freedoms for Farm Animals


Bark! Magazine | Summer 2016


On the cover

Zoo Blues


Bark! Magazine | Spring 2016


On the cover

Celebrate Be Kind to Animals Month!


Bark! Magazine | Winter 2016


On the cover

Beavers to the rescue


Bark! Magazine | Fall 2015


On the cover

What fish would wish for this?


Bark! Magazine | Summer 2015


On the cover

Take a walk on the wild side!


Bark! Magazine | Spring 2015


On the cover

Vancouver Canucks captain Henrik Sedin


Bark! Magazine | Winter 2015


On the cover

Mink: Wild not worn


Bark! Magazine | Fall 2014


On the cover

Milk Machines: The Life of Dairy Cows


Bark! Magazine | Summer 2014


On the cover

The Official BC SPCA Dog Care Guide


Bark! Magazine | Spring 2014


On the cover

The Official BC SPCA Cat Care Guide


Bark! Magazine | Winter 2014


On the cover

Just in time! Winter dog rescue


Bark! Magazine | Fall 2013


On the cover

Eradi-crate: Why pigs need space


Bark! Magazine | Summer 2013


On the cover

Mission: Identification


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