Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

Many areas of BC face pet overpopulation. Local shelters are overcapacity with the number of animals being surrendered or abandoned in their region. Sadly, some communities do not have a large enough population to provide homes for all of the animals awaiting adoption.

The BC SPCA created the Drive for Lives animal transfer program to address this issue - now we are saving lives, one road trip at a time!

About the BC SPCA Drive for Lives

Every day animals are being moved around the province to different BC SPCA shelters in order to give them a second chance at finding their forever home -- because every animal in our care deserves this opportunity.

As well, emergencies often arise at BC SPCA shelters across the province and animals must be moved from one facility to another for specialized veterinary care or to save them from hazardous or abusive situations.

Saving lives, one road trip at a time

Through the Drive for Lives, the BC SPCA's animal transfer program, we transfer thousands of homeless animals each year to shelters where new guardians are waiting for them.

You can support the services, equipment and resources needed to save lives. As a charitable organization, the BC SPCA relies on the support of animal-lovers like you to care for and protect animals in need. Please donate today.

How you can help homeless animals

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