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The BC SPCA does not support the keeping and breeding of exotic animals as companion animals, as it is very difficult to provide for the physical, behavioural and psychological needs of such unique wild animals in a captive environment, whether they are bred in captivity or taken from the wild. As such, the BC SPCA does not provide animal care information for exotic animals and encourages the prohibition of the sale and breeding of all exotics.

Domesticated animals are species that have been selectively bred by humans over hundreds and often thousands of generations in order to alter their genetics to create animals that are dependent, docile, predictable and controllable. Despite several generations of captive breeding, wild exotic animals will continue to retain natural predatory and defensive instincts, and prey species develop anxiety and fear in captivity, making them dangerous or unsuitable to living in an environment with other animals and humans.

Many exotic animals are sold as "starter pets" and touted as being low-maintenance. However, they often have strict environmental and dietary needs that cannot be met by the average guardian. If you own an exotic animal, you are responsible for ensuring its well-being by respecting its Five Freedoms for the entire life of the animal.

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