Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.


Biscuit Fund Ambassadors

Meet just a few of the individuals helping to raise awareness and support for animals who rely on the Biscuit Fund for Medical Care.


Sara Lynn - Singer/Songwriter

"Every animal deserves the right of proper medical care, food, shelter, love, and respect. When I think of an injured or abused animal without a voice and no place to go it is heart wrenching. With the Biscuit Fund I see a commitment to literally save lives and involve the community in making a positive difference. I am proud to participate in a program that genuinely and directly benefits animal welfare 100%." 

Sara Lynn is also a Biscuit Fund Champion for Animals. She is raising awareness and support for the Biscuit Fund in memory of her beloved Golden Retriever, Kaiser who passed away in April 2010. Visit her Champion page to make a gift in memory of Kaiser.



Jacob Carbery - Youth Advocate

Jacob has been the Biscuit Fund Ambassador since he was just 8 years-old.  By the age of 11, he produly raised over $18,000.00 for homeless animals and he's even been on the Ellen Degeneres Show! 




Holly Dignard - Actor/Producer

"I have amazing news for you. Man is not alone on this planet. He is part of a community, upon which he depends absolutely." – Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. I love this quote, because it's so very true: this community we depend on, depends on us as well. It deserves our respect, empathy, and compassion. When a homeless or wild animal is sick, injured and in need of emergency medical care – the odds are generally stacked against them for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons (and arguably one of the most important) is the high cost of treatment and care. The BC SPCA Biscuit Fund is changing that providing funding for emergency and medical care for some of the most vulnerable animals in the province. Whether they be a stray from a local neighbourhood or one of the 1,700 wild animals treated annually from around the region at Wild ARC, the Biscuit Fund is there and ready. I am so very proud to be a supporter of the BC SPCA Biscuit Fund and encourage everyone to do their part and donate – however big or small, it all makes a difference. 




Mia Kirshner - Actor/Book Publisher

I have a dog named Rainbow who is my best friend. She started out as a foster puppy but knew, as I held her for the first time, that I would adopt her. How could I not? Rainbow changed my life: She teaches me about joy. Did I mention that I love her to pieces? My dog is a kind being. On the days that I travel and she can't be with me, I feel like there a hole in my heart. Rainbow makes me laugh. Even when she steals a stranger's sandwich is a restaurant. Even when she takes up most of the bed, falling asleep with her head on my breast. Did I mention that Rainbow can carry a tune? Of late, she's found her voice and sings along with fire engines passing by. 

Last year, Rainbow discovered that she likes to walk with a huge fresh carrot in her mouth. She insists on this ritual now, stopping in front of a grocer each morning. Rainbow convinced me to cook for her. This, so she would have a longer life. When I'm sad, Rainbow will offer me her paw and her favorite toy and in special cases, rest her head on my lap. My dog likes to gallop. Often in confined and delicate spaces, pulling me along with her. She is truthful in everything she does. Rainbow is gentle with babies and small dogs allowing them to climb all over her. She is my fierce protector, telling me when she feels uneasy for my safety. She is not self-conscious. She can't lie. Even when she tries to smuggle stolen food on her bed. Rainbow warms my heart. My dog will never hold a grudge. She makes me want to do and be my very best for her because that is what she gives of herself each day. I am profoundly grateful to the BC SPCA for allowing me to adopt her. I love my dog Rainbow.

Mia is a proud supporter of the BC SPCA's Biscuit Fund. Her compassion and generosity has made a very real difference in the lives of the animals in the care of the BC SPCA. Thank you, Mia and Rainbow!




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