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The Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada

Generosity in Action - March 2012

This March, we honour the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada (AWFC) as our Donor of the Month.

For more than a decade, the AWFC has been a generous supporter of many of the BC SPCA’s initiatives to help improve the lives of farm animals. In addition to their assistance in the development of farm animal welfare standards and practical resources and tools to help farmers evaluate and improve the welfare of the animals they raise, the AWFC was one of the original funders of the SPCA Certified program.

This certification and labelling program enables consumers to choose products from farms that adhere to animal welfare standards set out by the BC SPCA, and improves the welfare of more than 300,000 farm animals annually.  Over the last ten years, the program has helped more than two million beef cattle, dairy cattle, pigs, sheep, turkeys, laying hens, and broiler chickens on farms in Western Canada live better, healthier lives.  The AWFC has just provided a $20,000 grant towards the sustainable growth of SPCA Certified.

The foundation was also an important partner in the BC SPCA’s campaign advocating for higher standards during farm animal transport and they provided support for the care of 103 neglected primates seized by BC SPCA constables in 2002 and again in 2005 when our officers seized a small herd of horses in the Okanagan.

For all the AWFC’s continued, generous efforts to improve the lives of animals – thank you!


For more information on our Generosity in Action program, please contact Stephanie Trimble, Manager, Philanthropy, Revenue Development 1-800-665-1868.


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