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Cherilyn Leffler

Generosity in Action - April 2015

Many of us animal-lovers remember that first time when we knew that animals made the world a brighter place and wanted to help animals who were in need. 

Avid animal advocate and BC SPCA supporter Cherilyn Leffler recalls that moment. “I remember walking into our vet’s office with my very first dog and seeing a sign behind the desk.  It was a picture of a sad looking dog, with the words “Imagine not being able to say when it hurts” written on it.  Since that day I have been a huge animal advocate.” You can see her continuing commitment to the animals and to BC SPCA is when you look at the 2015 I ♥ Animals Calendar, which features her beloved four-year old Koda on the cover. 

In 2014 Cherilyn and Koda with the help of their friends and family raised $2,050 during the BC SPCA's annual Calendar Contest, which is now open for 2016. When asked why she decided to enter the Calendar Contest, Cherilyn tells us that “when I first saw the Calendar Contest on the BC SPCA website, I thought it was a great way to accomplish two goals – sharing my adorable dog with the province of BC AND raising money for a great cause. After we entered too late to make the top 13 in 2013, we made a second attempt at earning a spot in 2014 and were lucky enough to score the 2015 cover.” 

Cherilyn and Koda’s generosity doesn’t end there! They also recently supported National Cupcake Day by captaining a team that raised over $1,000 and participated in Paws for a Cause last September.

So what – aside from adorable Koda – drives Cherilyn to help the BC SPCA? 

“I admire everything the BC SPCA does. I love that they give voices to all animals, regardless of whether they are domesticated, farm or wild. Whether they are fighting for ethical treatment of farm animals, educating the public on the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars, or taking abusers to court, they are constantly fighting for animals and looking at ways to improve the quality of life for animals around the province.”

With Koda at her side, Cherilyn’s generosity is truly a testament to the power of love and compassion. 


For more information on our Generosity in Action program, please contact Stephanie Trimble, Manager, Philanthropy, Revenue Development 1-800-665-1868.


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