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Monica, Skipper and Maryanne

Generosity in Action - March 2017

If you have your 2017 BC SPCA Animals Helping Animals calendar on your wall, you can check out the beautiful Maryanne and her late brother, Skipper. 

These two are heroes. Skipper & Maryanne were foster fails. Thirteen years ago they had been abandoned along with their sibling Rocky and needed fostering until they were old enough to go on to their forever homes. While Rocky quickly went off to his new home, Maryanne and Skipper were still needing care from Monica. “When I kept thinking of excuses for not returning Skipper and Maryanne for adoption, I knew I had fallen in love and they weren’t going anywhere! I never regretted it for a moment,” shares Monica. 

And last year these BC SPCA Victoria branch alumni inspired their mom to enter them into the BC SPCA Calendar Contest where they won the April spot in the 2017 Calendar. When asked why she decided to enter the contest, Monica explains that “When the contest came out, I knew my beloved cats were naturals! They were both so adorable and photogenic, and I loved the idea of their picture being in a calendar while at the same time helping other animals through fundraising.”

Maryanne and Skipper both had long, happy love-filled lives with their mom. “I think Maryanne was part dog as she loved to play fetch with bottle caps. She also had a fondness for giving her brother and her people baths. She loved going in the front yard with me and visiting with the neighbours, passersby and even the odd dog visitor!

“Skipper was the timid one of the group. He loved to sit on the porch but rarely had the courage to venture down the stairs. Sunbathing was a big favourite as was his adorable but slightly icky fondness for snuggling his mummy’s dirty socks! Skipper loved his catnip toys and would cuddle them for hours,” Monica reminisces. 

Sadly, in the middle of the contest, Skipper passed away, which motivated Monica more to win a space to memorialize him. The picture that is in the calendar was chosen to reflect Skipper’s passing and the love between him and his sister, who also passed away later in 2016. “I never thought I’d lose them so close together, and I miss them both tremendously. Having them pictured in the calendar, and knowing they helped raise more than a thousand dollars for the animals at BC SPCA is a wonderful way to remember them.”

Monica’s compassion is truly beautiful and her generosity knows no bounds! On top of being a foster mom then an adopter, she is a generous supporter through workplace giving.

Thank you Monica, Maryanne and Skipper for being heroes to animals in need!

Ready to have your pet featured in the BC SPCA Calendar, like Maryanne and Skipper? The 2017 BC SPCA Calendar Contest will be launching again in less than a month. So get your photos ready, your animal hero’s story written, and begin rallying your family and friends!


For more information on our Generosity in Action program, please contact Stephanie Trimble, Manager, Philanthropy, Revenue Development 1-800-665-1868.


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