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Generosity in Action - June 2015

In January 2015 at the Chilliwack BC SPCA, a loving family adopted dog Zoe and gave her a new start in life as an emotional support dog. As part of the adoption, Zoe would receive a complimentary six-week insurance trial from Petsecure Pet Health Insurance, given to all dogs and cats adopted from BC SPCA shelters.  However, this was a special occasion: Zoe turned out to be Petsecure’s one millionth insured pet! To celebrate, Petsecure gifted her with one year of complimentary insurance as well as a fun party before she left for her new forever home.

This generosity is just one of many examples of how Petsecure demonstrates its passionate commitment to animals in need, especially through their support of the BC SPCA.  As one of the BC SPCA’s biggest contributors and our official pet health insurance provider, Petsecure not only provides  insurance trials, but gives through donations, sponsorships, and customer donations collected through their Help a Pet Program. In just six years, Petsecure has supported the BC SPCA with over $285,000!

As Canada's oldest and largest pet insurance provider, Petsecure has led the marketplace since 1989 in providing Canadian pet guardians with innovative coverage to meet their pets’ diverse needs. Since 2010, Petsecure has partnered with the BC SPCA to offer six weeks of complimentary pet insurance for any cat or dog adopted from our shelters. The trials give pet guardians peace of mind during the first few weeks with their new furry friend, and result in less animals being returned to our shelters during the early stages of adoption. The insurance trials are a key tool to helping adopters provide a healthy life for their new pet. The BC SPCA also receives a donation for each adopter who signs up for a Petsecure policy.

Petsecure and its staff are industry leaders and dedicated ambassadors for animals in need across Canada, and we are deeply grateful for their support of the BC SPCA. For more information about Petsecure or to get a quote, visit



For more information on our Generosity in Action program, please contact Stephanie Trimble, Manager, Philanthropy, Revenue Development 1-800-665-1868.


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