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Scott and Elizabeth Morison

Generosity in Action - April 2017

Scott and Elizabeth Morison, Vancouver animal lovers and founders of the popular restaurant chain Browns Socialhouse, have generously supported the BC SPCA for many years. Their personal passion shines through to all who meet them and has inspired many in their Browns Socialhouse family to help animals in need too!

Scott and Elizabeth’s devotion to animals comes from loving their senior pugs Olivia and Pupa, who they consider family.

“Elizabeth and I always say that Olivia and Pupa are our children,” says Scott. “They are so loving and affectionate and they make us laugh every day, so we can’t help but spoil them! They’ve made us realize how much we want to help all animals find the homes they deserve.”

The Morisons have given to the BC SPCA for many years, including as monthly PAW Plan donors. They also jumped at the chance to help Rosie, another pug who came to the BC SPCA last year requiring surgery, with a generous donation. Elizabeth saw the resemblance and couldn’t resist, saying “Rosie looks so much like our pugs, she pulled on our heartstrings. We knew we wanted to support her medical care to help her get a second chance at a healthy life.”

In 2016, Elizabeth joined the Offleashed Vancouver Gala planning committee, and she and Scott brought Browns Socialhouse on board as a Sapphire Collar sponsor. They brought animal loving friends and coworkers to the event, and Browns staff even volunteered during the evening, using their customer service savvy to sell raffle tickets to gala guests.

Scott and Elizabeth’s affection for animals is contagious, and the whole Browns family is joining in. When Browns opened a new location on Vancouver’s North Shore, the staff pooled together their tips from a pre-opening rehearsal and donated nearly $2,500 to the BC SPCA.  Scott says he and Elizabeth are “so proud that our business family is just as keen as we are to be there for animals who need our help.”

Thank you to Scott, Elizabeth and the Browns Socialhouse family for being such committed, compassionate and kind supporters!


For more information on our Generosity in Action program, please contact Stephanie Trimble, Manager, Philanthropy, Revenue Development 1-800-665-1868.


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