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Tracey Farina

Generosity in Action - March 2013

Tracey Farina had grown up with a houseful of animals so rescuing a cat whose previous guardian had been surprised when “he” had kittens wasn’t a hard decision. The mama cat was one of three rescue cats in the family so Tracey, realizing that there was a limit to how many homeless animals she could rescue, started thinking about how else she could help.   That is why ten years ago Tracey became a PAWPlan monthly donor.

Tracey likes the ongoing commitment and says “it was a good realization for my kids, not only were they learning a love of animals but also a sense of responsibility for them.” Clearly it’s a lesson that struck home as all three, now grown up, are or have been guardians to rescue dogs and cats (sadly her daughter’s rescue dog died last spring – “the worst part of having animals is saying goodbye”).  “I think things are changing for the better” says Tracey “People are starting to realize that it’s a privilege to have an animal and not a right. It’s nice to be part of positive change”.

Thank you Tracey and congratulations on your 10th PAW-versary!

We celebrate Tracey this month and encourage branches to name homeless animals in her honour.

You can find more information about becoming a PAWPlan monthly donor here.

 Photo caption: Tracey with five-year-old Nelly and four-month-old Lucy. Their rescue cat Sprout was hiding at the time of the photo!


For more information on our Generosity in Action program, please contact Stephanie Trimble, Manager, Philanthropy, Revenue Development 1-800-665-1868.


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