Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.



Dangerous dogs, chained dogs, puppy mills, stray cats, feral rabbits...these are common animal issues British Columbians encounter in our communities every day.

Your municipal council has the power to help solve these problems through their animal bylaws. That's why they need to know that they have your support and your vote if they are willing to enact bylaws that create safe, humane communities for animal guardians and others. 

The BC SPCA's 2007 review of animal bylaws in 43 B.C. municipalities found them to be generally inadequate to create safe, humane communities, although some progressive bylaws had been enacted in a few communities.

In response, the BC SPCA drafted a set of Model Animal Control Bylaws, which provides municipalities with easy-to-adopt bylaws, based mainly on existing successful legislation from throughout BC and across Canada.

 In 2012, we began to update our Model Animal Control Bylaw and reviewed every municipal bylaw in the province. Read a summary of our review.

Action Centre

Our Pets in the City Action Centre gives you the information and tools to easily encourage your mayor and council to enact proactive bylaws that foster safe, humane and liveable communities for people and animals alike.

Check back regularly to see which municipalities around the province are presently considering amendments to their bylaws. If you are a resident of one of these communities, we urgently need your help to write to your mayor and council to voice your support. Please click 'Email Council' to send a message now!


Bylaws being considered



Oak Bay
  •  Restrictions around tethering
 Wording being developed by staff  Email Council in support of tethering restrictions


Success! Approved Bylaws 

Around B.C., many municipalities are stepping up and adopting progressive bylaws that solve animal problems in their communities.

The mayor and council in these communities deserve credit for their proactive approach, so please show them your thanks!  This will go a long way towards ensuring your council continues to support animal-friendly policies.


Bylaws passed



  •  Restrictions around tethering
  • Restrictions to ensure humane muzzle used for dangerous dogs
May 2014 Email Council
North Saanich
  • Adopted prescriptive list for care of animals
  • Adopted restrictions around tethering
  • Adopted restrictions around leaving dogs in vehicles (hot or cold temperatures)
Spring 2014 Email Council
  • Adopted restrictions around tethering
Spring 2014 Email Council
Regional District of Central Okanagan
  • Adopted restrictions around tethering
  • Adopted restrictions around leaving dogs in vehicles (hot or cold temperatures)
Winter 2013 Email the Board


  • Adopted restrictions around tethering
Winter 2013 Email Council
Capital Regional District
  • Adopted basic animal care requirements
  • Adopted restrictions around tethering
Fall 2013 Email the Board Chair
Maple Ridge December 2012 Email Council
  • Rabbit sale regulation

  • Basic animal care requirements

  • Tethered dogs

  • Dangerous dog prevention
August 2011  
  • Spay/neuter requirement for rabbits sold from pet stores

  • Prohibition on rabbit abandonment

  • Prohibitions on feeding feral rabbits and deer

March 2011

Email Council

  • Food, water & care requirements for dogs 

  • A ban on dog tethering

  • Bans on unrestrained dogs in pick-ups and pets left in hot cars

  • Bans on wild and exotic animals

March 2011

Email Council


November 2010

Email Council


  • Spay/neuter requirement for rabbits sold from pet stores

July 2010

Email Council

New Westminster

  • Prohibition on the sale of rabbits from pet stores

May 2010

Email Council

District of North Vancouver

  • Spay/neuter requirement for rabbits sold from pet stores

May 2010

Email Council


  • Provided a $5000 grant to assist low-income residents spay/neuter their pets

April 2010

Email Council


  • Prohibition on the sale of rabbits and puppies from pet stores

March and October 2010, respectively

Email Council


  • New animal care requirements for animal guardians

February 2010

Email Council


  • Cat licensing

May 2009

Email Council


  • Spay/neuter requirement for rabbits sold from pet stores and other rabbit regulations

November 2008

Email Council


What you can do in other areas

If your municipality isn't one of those listed above, you can still help by taking the following steps.

  1. Look up your municipality in our 2012 review of B.C. animal bylaws to see what they have in place or are lacking.

  2. Look up the email address of your mayor and council in our database.

  3. Write a brief, polite email to your mayor and council, asking them to adopt the BC SPCA's Model Animal Control Bylaws, emphasizing any deficiencies noted from our review. Please cc our bylaws team so we can gauge your action around the province.

Your gift to the BC SPCA Monty Fund for Community Education and Outreach will help to improve the future of animal welfare through education and a focus on prevention. Your support will help us to provide resources to the community and various levels of government to reach our long-term goal of eradicating pet-overpopulation, abuse and neglect - making our province a better place for animals and us. Please donate today.

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