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B.C. has several species of deer, both native and exotic, living throughout the province. Black-tailed deer live mostly along the coast, while Mule deer and White-tailed deer live inland. Exotic…

Wildlife help topics

…an inefficient, short-term solution and should not be a default practice. Read our position statement on urban deer. Download our urban deer pamphlet (PDF). Photo credit: Karen Guy Geese and…

Deer acting weird? They’re in a rut!

Two deer touching heads

…rutting season. Mid-October to December is the annual mating or ‘rutting’ season for deer. During this time, male deer (bucks) become more interested in female deer (does), and will compete…

Position Statement on Urban Deer

…practice, regardless of whether deer populations are actually measured or simply perceived as being high. The real or perceived problem of overabundant deer populations must be addressed in a sustainable…

The winter woes of winterkill in deer

Deer covered in falling snow

…Although they look skinny and like they need help, never feed deer. The microbial gut composition of deer changes seasonally to adapt to their natural food sources. In winter, deer

All tangled up – is your yard safe for wildlife?

Black-capped chickadee looking at fake spiderweb on bush

…local wildlife rehabilitator or our Animal Helpline at 1-855-622-7722 for advice. Mid-October to December is the annual mating or ‘rutting’ season for deer. During rutting season, you might see deer

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…many steps that must first be taken to justify ethical wildlife control. Deer culls The BC SPCA recommends using non-lethal strategies to solve human-deer conflict. Communities should aim to prevent…