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Take the City of Vancouver's survey about housing by clicking the red button above. You will be redirected to their website. When taking the survey, consider including the need for more affordable pet-friendly housing in the comment box.

I have a pet, and we need a home!

Pet-friendly housing is considerably limited in British Columbia.

Winston the beagle and Pepinot the miniature schnauzer were not accepted at most houses and apartments in Vancouver. These two dogs were adopted from the SPCA after having been abandoned in an apartment on moving day. Serving as companions for each other, their guardians agreed to pay $400 more per month in order to have a home for their family.

Not all guardians of dogs and cats can afford to pay more to keep their family members. Across the province, about 20% of companion animals surrendered by their guardians are for a lack of available pet-friendly housing. This represents about 1,500 pets yearly.

The BC SPCA frequently receives calls from frustrated people unable to find a home with their pet. Almost 80% of BC residents favour legislation that allows pet guardians the right to keep companion animals, according to a 2008 poll (McIntyre & Mustel).

The benefits animals provide affect people of all ages and from all walks of life, demonstrated by the reality that over fifty percent of the population has pets. Discriminating against a possible tenant or property owner based on their positive relationship with their pet creates additional stress for all involved. Conversely, when housing and community environments are supportive of animal ownership, the human-animal relationship is strengthened (O’Haire, 2009).

Living in harmony...

The BC SPCA recognizes the need for pet-friendly housing. To make it easier to demonstrate responsible guardianship and work together to create a humane community, we have created three toolkits: one for renters, one for property owners and managers, and one for strata councils. These packages make it easier to communicate, both helping renter's to demonstrate themselves as good guardians and also making it easy for strata councils and property owners to effectively manage their buildings and suites. Click on a package below to download!



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