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Become a BC SPCA Wild ARC volunteer

Do you love wildlife? 

Do you want to volunteer for a rehabilitation centre that helps over 2,500 animals a year? 

Volunteers make a difference in the lives of our wild patients in a variety of ways. They help our wildlife rehabilitators with hands-on animal care, they prepare diets, clean enclosures, and do laundry to keep the centre running smoothly, educate community members, transport wildlife in distress, help raise much-needed funds, and complete special project work - there's a role for everyone who is passionate about our wild neighbours!

The first step toward joining the Wild ARC volunteer team is to sign up online. Once you have done so, you'll receive information on how to attend a Volunteer Orientation Session. These meetings provide an introduction to Wild ARC and the variety of volunteer roles available, and are the first step for all new volunteers. We welcome on board most of our new volunteers in early spring (February - April) in preparation for baby season. In the meantime, the information below provides an overview of some of Wild ARC's volunteer opportunities.

Spring 2017 Volunteer Update

Our Volunteer Orientation sessions are now open for registration!

Interested in getting involved?

Sign up online to register for an Orientation - this is the first step to joining the Wild ARC team.

Wild ARC Volunteer Roles

Animal Care Volunteers

Animal Care Team:

During our busy spring and summer months, nearly 150 members of our Animal Care Team help out on a weekly basis, providing care and basic husbandry for the many sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals in care at the centre. Many helping hands are needed to make sure each wild patient gets the care that they need to return, whole and healthy, back to the wild. It's certainly a lot of responsibility caring for these wild lives, not to mentioned requiring a fair amount of elbow grease! But seeing these animals return to their wild homes is worth every moment, and our wonderful team of staff and other volunteers provide plenty of support for new Animal Care volunteers.

Download (PDF) our Animal Care Team role description.

Centre Support Volunteers

Spit 'n' Polish Team:

Keeping the rehabilitation centre running smoothly, and making sure that each wild patient has access to clean bedding, dishes, and enclosures, requires the help of many volunteers, including those fantastic folks on our Spit 'n' Polish Team. While not working hands-on with the animals, these volunteers assist with laundry, dishes, cage cleaning, and the myriad support tasks essential to the health and well-being of our wild patients. This is a great role for volunteers who may not be comfortable working directly with the animals, who want to take a little extra time to learn the wildlife rehabilitation ropes, or who require a flexible schedule.

Download (PDF) our Spit 'n' Polish Team role description.

Wildlife Chef Team:

One of the key factors in helping our wild patients recover, or our orphaned babies grow strong and healthy, is access to appropriate nutrition. Our wonderful Wildlife Chef Team prepares species-specific diets and keeps the kitchen stocked with all of the ingredients needed to feed the nearly 140 different species admitted at Wild ARC. While not working hands-on with the animals, these volunteers work with the Animal Care Team to make sure each Wild ARC patient has what they need to thrive. This role is ideal for volunteers who do not want to work directly with the animals, who want to take a little extra time to learn the wildlife rehabilitaiton ropes, or who require a flexible schedule.

Download (PDF) our Wildlife Chef role description.

Wildlife Transport Team:

Members of our Wildlife Transport Team act as animal ambulances (obeying all the rules of the road, of course!) by transporting safely-contained wildlife to our centre, in cases where members of the public may be unable to do so. This on-call volunteer role is perfect for volunteers who have irregular schedules, or who enjoy visiting various areas around Greater Victoria. Each volunteer specifies their potential availability and which areas of town they can assist within - this flexible role is a form of 'choose-your-own-adventure' volunteering!

Download (PDF) our Wildlife Transport Team role description.

Special Projects Team:

Being a busy rehabilitation centre, there are often specialized tasks and projects that the talented members of our Special Projects Team can help out with, using their special skills and expertise. Volunteers with particular skills and interests - technical skills like plumbing, construction, or IT know-how, or administrative skills like data entry or office support - are always appreciated. We even need the help of face-painters or tree-climbers from time to time! Whatever your special skills and interests, there's probably a way that they can help our wild patients, and we'd love work with you to figure out exactly how. 

Download (PDF) our Special Projects Team role description.

Community-Building Volunteers

Outreach Team:

Our rehabilitation centre does incredible work saving so many wild lives, and our friendly Outreach Team members head out into the community and help spread the word. Staffing booths at street fairs and festivals, providing information and chatting with community members at third-party events, these volunteers act as our ambassadors in the community. This role is suitable for volunteers with an irregular schedule, as there is a diverse range of events Wild ARC participates in throughout the year.

Download (PDF) our Outreach Team role description.

Humane Education Team:

Providing information on the challenges faced by urban wildlife, and ways to prevent injuries and unnecessary orphans, is an important facet of wildlife rehabilitation. Our Humane Education Team visits schools and community groups to provide information on urban wildlife species and how to help them, as well as sharing a little bit about Wild ARC and the workings of a wildlife rehabilitation centre. Similar to our Outreach Team, this role is flexible in timing, but presentations are requested most often during the school year.

Download (PDF) our Humane Education Team role description.

Events and Fundraising Team:

It's an ambitious undertaking each year to raise the neccessary funds to operate a wildlife rehabilitation centre of this size. Our dynamic and creative Events and Fundraising Team helps to organize and staff some of Wild ARC's flagship annual events, as well as spearheading micro-fundraising initiatives and liaising with community members to solicit in-kind donations or other support. If you like making connections with supporters, or if you'd like to gain more fundraising experience, this is the team for you! Timing is flexible for this role, and regular team meetings help keep team members connected during the year.

Download (PDF) our Events and Fundraising Team role description.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Wild ARC Practicum Program

Learn about opportunities for an intensive two-month volunteer practicum working one-on-one with a wildlife rehabilitator at BC SPCA Wild ARC. Applications for our practicum program will be accepted starting in January of each year, and are due MARCH 1, 2016 for summer positions. Click here for application info. This opportunity is offered annually, but did you miss the deadline for this year? Email Wild ARC to find out if any off-season practicum opportunities exist.

Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Are you under 19, but still looking for ways to help local wildlife? Check out these opportunities for youth volunteers to find something that suits your interests.

Outside the Greater Victoria Area

Would you like to get involved helping sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife, but don't live near Wild ARC? You can find a wildlife rehabilitator near you through the Wildlife Rehabilitator's Network of BC.


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