Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

All adoption applicants are carefully screened to ensure our animals are placed in the best possible home. BC SPCA animals are matched with guardians based on their general lifestyle and the type of care they can provide. To some it may seem rigorous but we want to ensure adopters understand the commitment they are embarking on.

We also try to place animals in permanent homes so they don't end up back in our shelters. All adoptions require a completed BC SPCA adoption application and an interview with an SPCA representative.

Follow these steps to make sure you're ready for the responsibility and commitment that comes with providing care and companionship to an animal.

Step 1 - Complete the pre-adoption checklist

Read our pre-adoption checklist to ensure you understand the impact an animal will have on your household. Better to find out now before you commit! Information and opportunities are also available for those interested in volunteering to foster an animal in need.


Step 2 - Make the right match

Knowing the characteristics of the animal you want (or think you may want) will help when making your decision about which animal to bring into your family. Some shelter animals have already had a difficult life and we try to make the best match so that they will never have to return to the shelter.


Step 3 - View shelter animals available online

You can view most of the animals in our branches throughout B.C. online. This will give you an idea of the animals available. You can also visit your local BC SPCA shelter to see the most wonderful animals looking for a second chance! BC SPCA animals are also available for adoption through our satellite adoption centres.


Step 4 - Submit an adoption application

When you visit the shelter you will be asked to fill out an a BC SPCA pet adoption application form. The information you provide helps us  to match you with the right dog, cat, rabbit or other pet for your lifestyle and household.

*Please note, to be approved for adoption those who live in condos may be required to bring copies of your strata council by-laws and renters will be asked to provide contact information for their landlord.


Step 5 - Bring home your new companion

It is important to try and make a smooth transition with your new companion in your home. We have many materials available to help you understand and reduce specific animal behaviour problems in a positive way in our care and behaviour section.

Note that the costs of animals from BC SPCA shelters vary slightly in different regions; this is due to demand for animals, cost of care within the region, etc. The cost of a shelter cat or dog includes spay/neuter (or discount for the operation if it has not been done prior to adoption), a health guarantee, and vaccinations. In addition, many of our Branches are able to include other extras such as flea control, collars and leashes and more. Most Branch websites list adoption costs.

To find a branch closest to you, visit our locations page.

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