Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

We are extremely thankful for the incredible support received from the following individuals and businesses in communities throughout the province.

 May 2017 

 Sheila Veness  

 April 2017 

 Scott and Elizabeth Morison  

 March 2017 

 Monica, Skipper and Maryanne  

 February 2017 

 Mary Ann and Raymond Aldus  

 December 2016 


 September 2016 

 The Maggie Carpenter Trust  

 August 2016 

 Gregg Baker   

 June 2016 

 The SPCA Auxiliary   

 May 2016 

 Kitchen Therapy  

 April 2016 

 Shirley Nugent  

 March 2016 

 Angie Abbey  

 February 2016 

 Mary Colman  

 November 2015 

 Eric Stebner  

 September 2015 

 Champions for Animals  

 August 2015 

 Walks `N` Wags Pet First Aid   

 July 2015 

 Wayne Deans  

 June 2015 

 Petsecure Pet Health Insurance  

 April 2015 

 Cherilyn Leffler   

 March 2015 

 The Pet Shop Boys  

 February 2015 

 BMO Bank of Montreal  

 January 2015 

 Kay Walter  

 December 2014 

 Liberty Wine Merchants  

 October 2014 

 Keryluk Laser Dental  

 September 2014 

 Petsecure Pet Health Insurance   

 August 2014 

 Claire Treacy  

 July 2014 

 Edmund McLean  

 June 2014 

 Laura Kim & TELUS  

 May 2014 

 James Hooks  

 April 2014 

 John and Janet Pattinson   

 February 2014 

 Helena Santos  

 January 2014 

 Edgewater Casino  

 December 2013 

 Eva Grdina  

 November 2013 

 Prince George Entertainment Group  

 October 2013 

 Illuminations Lighting Solutions  

 September 2013 

 Sun Life Financial Okanagan Branch   

 August 2013 

 Annie Wile  

 July 2013 

 Hill’s Pet Nutrition   

 June 2013 


 March 2013 

 Tracey Farina  

 February 2013 

 Anchors Inn  

 January 2013 

 Erin Little  

 December 2012 

 Trish and Cyriel DeBruyne  

 October 2012 

 Natalia Evans  

 August 2012 


 June 2012 

 Dr. Avrum Soudack  

 May 2012 

 Entrance Automation Systems  

 April 2012 

 Carol Richards  

 February 2012 

 Shelly Culin  

 January, 2012 

 Jo Faloona  

 December 2011 

 Audrey Aquino  

 November 2011 

 Bosley’s & Bosley’s Customers  

 October 2011 

 Rachel Ho  

 September 2011 

 Sharon Mason  

 August 2011 

 Suzanne Rozon  

 July 2011 

 Bess & David Wright  

 June 2011 

 Clayton Hodges  

 May 2011 

 Thomas Budd  

 April 2011 

 Linda Verhoeven  

 March 2011 

 Judy Froese  

 February 2011 

 BMO Bank of Montreal  

 January 2011 

 Kathleen Embree  

 December 2010 

 BC Housing  

 November 2010 


 October 2010 


 August 2010 

 Justice Janveaux  

 July 2010 

 Jason Priestley  

 June 2010 

 See Ya Later Ranch  

 May 2010 

 Craig Naherniak  

 April 2010 

 Jarome and Kara Iginla  

 March 2010 

 Hill's Pet Nutrition  

 February 2010 

 Bosley's Pet Food Plus  


For more information on our Generosity in Action program, please contact Dawna Hodgins, Officer, Philanthropy 1-800-665-1868.

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